Shelley Wright


I’m a Belief Re-patterning practitioner and Registered Dental Hygienist. Smiles are my thing!

A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose! And I am dedicated to facilitating you and others to Release Your Smile from the inside out.

Are you wondering what is there to Smile about?

Are you holding back your smile?

Do you want more from life?

Do you know that when you smile your brain releases tiny molecules called neural peptides to manage stress? When this happens endorphins and serotonin kick in acting as a mild pain reliever and antidepressant! This is powerful and it’s all within you!

There was a time in my life where I found it difficult to smile. I knew I had a lot to smile about; a wonderful husband with two healthy children, a fulfilling dental hygiene career with a supportive team and a body free of cancer. I was blessed. And yet I wasn’t smiling!

I asked myself, “is this really me?”  My inner, then quiet, all knowing voice whispered back to me, “No”.

I heard it.

I actually had an answer within me.

Where did that voice come from?

It doesn’t really matter.

My question was answered.

And I knew it to be true.

Tears came to my eyes.

And I took a deep breath in.

My conscious was now awakened. I gave myself permission to make deliberate conscious choices to nurture myself.  This message freed myself to explore new options.

I now know and believe that listening to your wise, inspired, inner voice is the bravest, most courageous and rewarding thing that you will ever do.

I believe it has led you here, to Belief Re-patterning, just as my inner voice did.

Belief Re-patterning is a tool that unites your inner critic with your inner coach. It brings the subconscious messages forward to your consciousness so that you can plan and create what it is you really want. And a good part of the process is practising your smile. As you do you will facilitate your desires and






YOUR Smile is that powerful.

Prior to my Belief Re-patterning practice I graduated on the Dean’s list from Confederation College and receive the Thunder Bay Dental Hygienist Award for displaying the most attributes of the ideal hygienist as voted by my peers. I love to work collaboratively and have held a position on the Belief Re-patterning community support team for 15 years facilitating the growth of my colleagues and this amazing technique.

With a keenly developed skill of truly hearing what your soul wants, I am able to help you Release Your Smile!

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I currently live in Calgary with my husband and two children when they return from university. I balance my work life playing in the mountains; by skiing, hiking or biking.


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