Stephanie Wagenaar

I found Belief Re-patterning during a very stressful time in my life. I was in the midst of a contentious divorce as well as wrapping up a business. The Belief Re-patterning steps that I learned helped me to move through those challenging situations with dignity. I then used the technique to support my healing and recovery. Soon after, I was looking for my next adventure and joined the team to assist with behind the scenes details for events.

Shortly after joining the team I discovered that the Belief Re-patterning system & tools had become my new normal and I stepped fully into the Belief Specialist Program.

I am passionate about personal development and I am committed to support and inspire individuals to uncover and discover greater possibilities for themselves so that together we can uplift and shift the world.

My background and education is in small business and entrepreneurship. I have experienced the challenges business owners face on a daily basis, and I know the difference that Belief Re-patterning has made for me personally and in creating my new business. I am committed to supporting business owners and entrepreneurs to inspire them to create and nurture a culture of positive influence and growth for themselves and in their companies.

Core Values:

Authenticity – operate from my heart space in alignment with who I really am, speaking my truth

Integrity – doing my very best, doing the right thing, every time

Accountability – taking ownership of my actions and responsibility for my commitments and promises

Kindness – offer kindness in every situation with everyone

Gratitude – finding and expressing appreciation

Learning and growing – commitment to continual learning and growth

Looking for a happier, more inspired way of being for yourself and/or for your business? Connect with me! I look forward to supporting you.

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