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Vireo Karvonen

Pleasure Coach Vireo is an expert in sacred femininity & sexuality. Since 2008 she has been empowering women to dissolve depression, transform anxiety, love their bodies and reclaim their feminine power so that they can elevate & be the best version of themselves in all areas of their lives. She is committed to educating women about their female sexuality so that they can confidently and fully live an ecstatic pleasure filled life. Vireo has also supported many women in increasing their libido which allowed them to reignite their passion in their intimate relationship & divorce proof their marriage.

Vireo specializes in shame busting around taboo subjects like sex, money, grief and suicide. Her clients call her “The Shame Buster”

Vireo is also a published author.  In March 2020, her chapter “Transforming That Shame” was published in the compilation “From Shadows to Light: A Whole Human Approach to Mental Health”. It became a bestseller.

Vireo is also a:

  • Proud Mom of 2 adult sons
  • Grandmother
  • Public Speaker
  • Licensed Belief Re-patterning® Practitioner (since 2017)
  • Sacred Sexuality & Sacred Femininity Coach (since 2017)
  • Tao Tantric Arts Facilitator (since 2017)
  • Kundalini Dance Facilitator (since 2007)
  • Laughter Yoga Facilitator (since 2016)
  • Positive Self Talk & Mindset Coach (since 2017)
  • Relationship, Life & Pleasure Coach (since 2007)
  • Co-Creatrix of the Sacred Pleasure Liberation Program (since 2018)

She has also 15 years of teaching experience & a Master’s in Education, so she knows how to meet everyone’s unique learning needs.

Since 2018, she has been offering Sacred Goddess Temple Re-treats where she lives in her cabin on Amisk Lake.

Areas of expertise: Licensed Belief Re-patterning® Practitioner, Positive Self-Talk Coach, Kundalini Dance™ Facilitator, Sacred Femininity Facilitator, Tantra Teacher, Human Design, Trauma Release Practitioner, International Speaker, Intuitive, Dancing Pleasure Goddess™, Teacher with M.Ed.

Connect with Vireo:

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Praise for Vireo:  

“Vireo understands me at a deep soul level, and her intuition always guides her to the exact things I need to hear to be my best self. Her joy and enthusiasm for life are infectious and just hearing her voice reminds me of how beautiful life is. I am so grateful to have her bright light shining in my life inspiring me to shine my own.”
-Kacie Beluse Knight

“I have been working with Vireo over the last 6 months and look forward to continuing our coaching sessions. She has been a great source of wisdom while I make changes and shift through old patterns. In this short time Vireo has led me through challenges that had been blocking my ability to own some aspects of my masculine nature. When I started looking for a coach, I had believed that I needed to be working with another man if I wanted to connect with how I was blocked from owning my male energies.

Vireo has met my need for masculine leadership by being a dynamic coach who instinctively knows how to guide me through what I used to call those anxieties. I would recommend Vireo to anyone who is ready to face their challenges because she has strong skills at recognizing growth opportunities and leading a client to what they need most now.”
-Jai Melnychuk, Carpenter

Vireo is a dynamic intuitive facilitator in everything she does! She has the ability to help you reclaim freedom in your life! Thank you.

“Dear Vireo, you are an outstanding coach! My life has transformed in so many ways since I started to work with you in March.

I thank you from the depths of my heart for your guidance, love and support over the past 8 months. ????????

Thank you for seeing and knowing the infinite love and truth of who I am. Thank you for tenderly reminding me of this so I can experience the magic of feeling aligned and connected to myself ????

You listen with deep presence, understanding and acceptance. Your support is both gentle and powerful. Regardless of how I show up or what I’m going through, you create a space for me for me to be witnessed and supported.

You skillfully weave intuitive guidance and heart centred wisdom with practical, actionable tools that support me in realizing my own divine power and vast potential.

Each day I witness myself expanding in deservingness, self love, patience and balance!

I feel a deep sense of genuine self love and connection to my body and soul. I am most connected I’ve ever felt and it continues to deepen every day!

I have learned that I have the power and freedom to choose what is right for ME!!! I am an empowered woman.

I love you ???? I enthusiastically look forward to experiencing more of your vibrant transmissions in working with and learning from you.”
-Nina Wosar

My Own Personal Belief Re-Patterning Story/Testimonial:

July 8 to 10th, 2017, at my first Belief Re-Patterning weekend (“Flip My Switch”), I had a huge release and personal transformation. I was able to let go of feeling responsible for the suicide of my older brother. I felt so much lighter. My mom, who joined me for the weekend, began the process of letting go of that guilt and shame that she had been holding on to for over 25 years since my eldest brother’s death, her son’s suicide. These shifts shed much light on some unhealthy patterns that I easily let go of. I was able to embrace the belief that I am only responsible for my own life. Freedom!

On and off for several decades I had been experiencing extreme panic, anxiety and flight/freeze in certain life situations. In October 2017, Belief Re-Patterning allowed me to firstly uncover, understand and be grateful for that old belief that had kept me safe in the past. Secondly, it allowed me to transform fear of being unsafe to knowing that I am secure in my authenticity and able to lovingly say ‘no’ when I want. Lastly, the inner conflict dissolved, and I am now more in alignment body, soul, mind, heart and spirit and solidly being my authentic self.

Deep gratitude to Suze, the founder of this amazing technique that has been the greatest gift in my life & me coming home more deeply to my Self.



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