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Leanne Hullick-Reyes

Do you see glimpses of yourself being impatient, abrupt, worrying, judging or attempting to control situations in your personal or professional life? Well, I embodied this and in my imagination I see a dragon slayer, a person with inner conflict that creates or contributes to conflict, confusion, and chaos with others and situations. At times, I acted like a Dragon Slayer and it could come out from nowhere, leaving me as surprised as everyone else! I did not possess the tools to go about my day to maintain a positive, patient, and kind perspective, what I call the upside. Instead, I fluctuated between upside and downside feelings, downside characterized by feelings of frustration, anger, and disappointment etc. I rode other people’s rollercoasters and was easily impacted by their words, actions, and behaviors. Simply saying that I was going to have more patience next time never, ever worked.

I have found Belief Re-patterning, developed by Suze Casey, and with this method I am able to change my beliefs that no longer serve me, and as a result I spend less time in my day in the downside ‘ick’ and more time on the upside. The results are amazing as my interactions with people have become less confrontational, I am a becoming a better listener and my patience is lasting just a little longer. My analogy is that of a lamp-lighter, someone who stops to light the path for themselves and others as we go and grow. I believe we are all lamp-lighters for each other. As we adapt there is a ripple effect in all interactions with family, friends, co-workers, and even strangers. If you are ready to create more ease in your day, then I would be delighted to share the Belief Re-patterning technique and accompany you in stepping into your light, illuminate your brilliance, and create your version of success.

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