Belief Re-Patterning


In this book, you’ll discover and learn guaranteed ways to quickly, and almost effortlessly reset old thought patterns!



Belief Re-patterning – The Amazing Technique For “Flipping The Switch” to Positive Thoughts

Tired of beating yourself up for not living what you know to be true?

Ready to light your passions and let them fuel your dreams and desires?

What if you could reset old thought patterns, “flipping the switch” without thinking about it?

What if there was an autopilot option for positive thinking?

There is, and you can access it through Belief Re-patterning!

Solidly based in cognitive learning theory, educational psychology, and years of observation, this proactive technique developed by author and teacher Suze Casey rebuilds neural pathways and connections, allowing you to think, act, and feel differently.

You didn’t arrive with an owner’s manual for your mind; and neither did your parents, friends, or children.

Well, Belief Re-patterning can be just what you’re looking for—full of activities that acknowledge your Inner Critic, strengthen your Inner Coach, and ignite your inner motivation.

If you’re going to have a conversation with yourself, it might as well be compassionate, encouraging, conscious, supportive, purposeful, and authentic! In this book, you’ll discover guaranteed ways to quickly, and almost effortlessly, get back on track when life’s stressors have pulled you off.

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