WAIT!! Don’t Give up on Yourself

I get it. You set yourself some New Year’s Resolutions, and now you are beating yourself up because the old habits have once again taken over.
It’s OK.

In their Health column, www.Forbes.com writes:

In fact, failing at New Year’s resolutions is so common that there’s even a slew of (unofficial) dates commemorating such failures—some sources cite “Ditch New Year’s Resolutions Day” as January 17 while others denote the second Friday in January as “Quitter’s Day.”

Just because it is “common” doesn’t mean you have to buy into it.

You have a choice.

You can quit or you can be empowered.

You are not a quitter – if you were you wouldn’t be reading this.

What you ARE is a human-being who is wired to learn and grow.

New Years Resolutions often fall by the wayside as the day to day routine of “how it has been before” takes over.

Then the beating up begins. The shaming. The self-condemnation.

Resolutions shift to Resignation.

Let’s shift Resignation to Reset through Re-patterning!

Step 1

Acknowledge where you are at, and forgive yourself.

I forgive myself for believing I can’t be successful in achieving the changes I want.

I forgive myself for believing I have to give up on myself.

Step 2

Open up to the possibility of the feeling you want to experience through your resolution or goal. How you want to BE. For this re-patterning, we’ll focus on Empowered. Give yourself permission to feel Empowered NOW. You don’t have to wait until the goal is completed.

I give myself permission to BE more empowered -that’s how I want to BE!

Instead of giving up on my goal, I would rather feel empowered – even if I’m not sure how.

Step 3

Choose. Now. Put the two options side by side.

I can give up on myself, or I can BE empowered. I can’t do both at the same time, so I choose to be empowered beginning now.

Step 4

Practice your decision with 3 small, doable tasks you can accomplish in under 10 minutes that can reinforce the feeling of Empowerment. Put your own action in the statement – I’ve given you 3 easy ideas. Your subconscious mind (which is where habits live!) doesn’t know the difference between big or small, so pick some easy, doable actions. The actions you choose might relate to your goal – but they don’t have to. You are reinforcing and creating the feeling of Empowerment. Remember, you learned to walk one step at a time. You learned to talk one word at a time. And you will increase your feelings of empowerment one small successful action at a time.

Try it on. It works!

I will feel empowered in the next 10 minutes as I (start my car) (make this phone call) (make my lunch)

I will feel empowered tonight as I (brush my teeth) (go to bed at 10) (lock the front door)

I will feel empowered tomorrow by (getting up when my alarm goes off) (leaving for work on time) (by eating a healthy breakfast)

Step 5

Reinforce the feeling by remembering specific times in the past when you have felt that way.

It doesn’t matter how long ago, you are bringing the feeling into the present through your memory which strengthens the feeling!

I remember feeling empowered it happened when I… (graduated from…) (learned to drive) (got my first place)

I know how it feels to be empowered, I felt it when I…

Step 6

Reset and claim the feeling.

I AM becoming more empowered and that feels more like me!

Step 7

Thank yourself for recognizing you are learning and growing. Acknowledgment through gratitude for your successes is super powerful – and creates momentum to continue to feel empowered.

I am grateful to myself for making the decision to BE more empowered.

Turning the NEW into NORMAL takes practice. You didn’t give up on yourself when you fell down learning to walk. You didn’t silence yourself when your words didn’t sound like everyone else’s.

You are an individual who is learning and growing and BEcoming empowered by implementing new habits!

ReSet and Go!



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