Reflections From Shelley Wright, Practitioner

I read this statement today in a news article — “to take a dangerous deviant behavior and normalize it by spreading it on social media” and my mind went wow!! Connection!!

And within the moment of awareness of connection I knew my trained brain switched into Belief Re-patterning mode. Or “mental gymnastics” as I like to think of it!

Let me explain fully.

It started with the headline, What is BORG drinking and why is it a dangerous trend?

I am no longer young or naïve. I remember being in my 20’s drinking with my friend in her apartment before heading to the bar. We did this to manage our money and to begin our own party. I have 20 something children and heard them speak of “Pre-Gaming” in which the concept is quite similar to my personal experience. But BORG!! I was curious and read the article that lead to my opening statement. For those who are unfamiliar the article notes that BORG stands for Blackout Rage Gallon. This term refers to a concoction prepared in a gallon size plastic jug that typically contains vodka or other distilled alcohol, water, a flavour enhancer and an electrolyte powder or drink.

As a parent who has taught my children our family’s core values and watch them make these trending choices that are dangerous, deviant behaviors that are being normalized!?

In working with parents most have observed that we cannot “control” our children’s behaviours however we can manage our own. With the learning technique of Belief re-patterning I have supported many in training their brains to navigate their responses in a clean and clear way staying true to their family’s core values.

This article confirms that our young adult children desire social inclusion. But the trends that are being normalized by social media are missing the mark!!I believe what they are really looking for are deep personal connections.

And this is how I got there:

I forgive myself for believing I’ve not taught my children true connections.

I give myself permission to BE who I really am and that is connected.

I can choose to rant my disapproval or I can choose to BE connected I am free to build connection within myself today when I go for a walk and breath in the fresh air.

I remember when I felt connected with my children and how heartwarming and strong that connection is.

I know I am connected to my children in a strong nurturing way, and I bring that to this situation now.

I am a mother who values connections with my children.

I am grateful for the opportunity and honour in raising my children in this foundational way.

This is Belief Re-patterning and they support my good mental well being.

I am Shelley Wright, Facilitator and Practitioner of this Amazing Technique and I am available to support you too. Connect with me: [email protected]


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