Calm. Quiet. Peace.

Daily living doesn’t have to be hard or a struggle.

You’ve been easily letting in chaos, noise and dissent.

Switch it up. It is as easy as making a decision.

After a 3 day lovely unplugged mini holiday at the beach, I arrived at the Comox Airport for my flight home.


I could have been upset that I couldn’t get home. My carefully organized un-plugged get-away had resulted in 3 action-packed days at the end of the week.

I made a decision.

I headed back to the beach to watch a bonus sunset. My cousin remade the bed with the sheets we had just washed earlier in the day (since we thought I was leaving!). And we pulled out the backgammon board and played waaaay past my bedtime.

I still had a full day of work Wednesday, fortunately I can work remotely – another decision I made 2 decades ago that the rest of the world caught onto in the last 3 years.

A decision to create a lifestyle of calm where there had been chaos, where I seek the quiet from the noise and consciously shift dissent into peace.

My ocean swim late Wednesday afternoon when I finished my client calls was ever so delicious and soul-fulfilling!

Victor Frankl was right in Man’s Search for Meaning in 1946 when he wrote:

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

There’s A LOT of noise, chaos and dissent right now. Make the decision not to add to it.

There are reasons to, and you can list them, justify them and act on them.

Or you can claim your own Peace, find the calm that is also available and be quiet within.

I don’t like the dissention around me.

I give myself permission to create my own peace within.

I choose peace, and the quiet calmness it brings.

I will feel calm and peaceful as I watch the video from the beach.

I remember being calm and peaceful when I was… (specifically where you felt it)

I AM creating more peace and calm within, just but changing my thoughts.

That feels better, I am thankful I made the decision to create my own quiet.

You are right. You probably can’t fix the chaos immediately. But you can choose your response.

You can decide not to add to the dissention and the noise. You can decide to create your own peace and quiet.

Good decision. Here’s to your growth and freedom.

Thanks for joining me.

There were a LOT of upset and complaining passengers on the flight home Wednesday night.

Grumbling, each listing the inconvenience caused to them personally. People who, like me, had their plans changed by a fire in one of the three transformers at the Calgary Airport Tuesday night. An accident. Something that is highly unusual and could not have been avoided. Caused by a lightning strike…

Instead of grumbling, I chose to be grateful no one was injured. I focussed on the good that was possible. Between stimulus and response there is a space.

I responded with calm, quiet, peace. It was a conscious decision.

And the flight attendant gave me 2 packages of cookies with my mint tea. Co-incidence? Maybe. Or evidence of growth and freedom…

As we each become lighter, the world becomes brighter.



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