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Feeling done? Angry? Frustrated? Or just plain old exhausted?
Unproductive? Unmotivated? Challenged?
This is what I’m hearing – not only from my coaching clients, but from neighbours, friends and family members. It is the common thread in the conversation with the people I encounter in business, at the grocery store and on Facebook.
I noticed I feel done earlier in the day, and didn’t always have as much bandwidth to easily navigate the small day to day challenges, let alone the bigger ones.
Time for a reset.
I’m really good at hitting my own reset button and I’ve helped thousands to create and find their resets over the past 20+ years. Sometimes we all need a reset. A new perspective. A pause to reflect.
And sometimes we need a bigger change. We need to shift our stinking thinking to something more productive. We need to stop going over and over the old stories and write a new narrative for our lives – with a happier and more hopeful conclusion. It’s like we need to install some new software. Retrain our Brain.
And sometimes we feel like we need a major overhaul. Nothing seems to be in flow – it is like a perpetual game of “whack-a-mole” when one thing gets solved, 3 more jump up. But wait – don’t toss the hardware against the metaphorical wall. Do a system upgrade, along with the reset and the new software. Your whole way of doing things, of being in the world needs to be evaluated, checked out and upgraded.
I’m noticing a LOT of need for a system upgrade with individuals, families and organizations, in our communities and our societies at large. The usual resets and software installations aren’t enough.
Do you feel like you are in the spin cycle? On the treadmill that won’t stop? That you just can’t find your way clear?
Are you feeling aggravation about what “they” are saying or doing?
Upgrade your operating system.
Here’s the terrific news. Your hardware is just fine, but with all the external challenges and changes of the past 13 months, everyone needs support with their personal software – you know – your mind.
As I watched the little rainbow ball spin and twirl on my computer, I realized the time had come for a system upgrade. I was tired of things being sluggish on my laptop, the time it was taking for new windows to open, and the effort it took to navigate from one program to the next. I called my tech support. Yes, I could have probably figured it out over time on my own, or I could eliminate the frustration and shorten the amount of time by calling in an expert. I reached out to my Tech Support who walked me through the process, guided me in learning, and took over the parts I just don’t have or need the skillset for. After some minor bumps and thumps (which were eased knowing the expert would sort it out!), I am grateful I reached out for support! Everything is smooth. The spinning rainbow ball is no longer playing continuously on my screen, windows open and shut with ease, and I’m once again back on my feet and productive!
I realized my experience with my computer this week is a metaphor for what I’m witnessing in the mindsets and behaviours of people around me.
If you are stumbling along, reach out for a reset. Book an hour consultation. You will be amazed with the shift in your energy.
If you know you need to install a change in your thinking, register for Flip YOUR Switch. We’ll walk you through the changes (Live Online), or you can do it yourself (Virtual). One price gives you access to BOTH AND you’ll have the recordings to revisit whenever you need to install some new software for your thinking! As a thank you for being on my Musings list, use the code 800F4 for a 25% savings.
If you have had enough of the spin cycle and are ready for an individualized system upgrade, contact me. Together will devise a Coaching Package to guide you through the bumps and thumps – you’ll learn some tips and techniques, I’ll be there right beside you to support you through AND you’ll also receive a complimentary registration to Flip YOUR Switch.
Check out the video for some re-patterning statements. 
I called my Tech Support.
I’m here for you as your MindSet Support.
Let’s do this.

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