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Gratitude that I can fly to Ontario and visit my 97 year old aunt this week. Grateful for a visit of tea and card playing – I know these visits are so precious. I could let all the challenges get me down, but I choose instead to expand my patience and focus on gratitude.

There was just an announcement that there was a power outage at the airport last night – and the airline staff are asking for everyone’s understanding. I’m grateful the power is back on and the airport is as open as it can be.

Everyone, including myself is doing the best they can in the moment.

forgive myself for believing I need to get upset when things don’t go according to my plan.

I give myself permission to expand my patience and gratitude and flow with whatever comes my way.

I can get upset or I can expand my patience and gratitude and be in the flow of life. I choose to use this situation to expand my patience and gratitude.

I am free to expand my patience and gratitude as I thank the flight attendants at the gate and on the plane. They are having a challenging day recovering from the power outage and I can help with my patience and gratitude.

know how to be patient and grateful – I helped raise 3 kids!

Today I am consciously expanding my patience and gratitude – and encouraging others to do the same!

I’m grateful for my ability to choose my response to any situation!

Where will you have the opportunity to expand your patience and gratitude today?

Our world can use all the understanding, patience and gratitude we all can create!

Thanks for being part of the solution by showing up with your patience and gratitude wherever you are, whatever the circumstances.

The people around you may very well have had a power outage recently.



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