I can focus on the rain. I can focus on the sunshine. OR I can focus on the olives!
I get to choose. Minute to moment to breath, each decision builds the landscape of my life.
I give myself permission to focus on and really absorb the wonderful treasures of this day. Sleeping in. A hot shower. Great conversations with dear friends. The amazing rainbow. Rain dripping off the gum nuts on the eucalyptus tree outside my window. The jar of homegrown, homemade olives. A piece of cheese, a loaf of sourdough bread, a bottle of Aussie Shiraz and the sounds of one of Australia’s finest songwriters practicing downstairs. I’m blessed, and I know it.
Where are you placing your focus? Be conscious of what you are absorbing. 

I’m building the landscape of my life. A life well-lived, much enjoyed, and spaciously loved.

I get to choose for me – and you get to choose for you.



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