Last month I stayed at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth in Montreal. It is the 50th anniversary of John and Yoko’s famous “bed-in” Give Peace a Chance which took place there.
There is more peace in the world now than 50 Years ago, and there can be more peace tomorrow than there is today – if each of us consciously chooses peace instead of confrontation.
You see, peace is not the opposite of just war.
Anger reminds me to develop peace within.
Judgement reminds me to create compassion… which is peace with how I see others.
Annoyance reminds me to find the calm… peace of mind.
Peace is an inside thing – not something that is “out there”.
Each of us, bringing more peace to our day in simple ways will create a wave of peace.
forgive myself for believing that peace is hard right now.
I give myself permission to increase my peace today.
I can choose anger, judgement or annoyance, or I can choose peace. The one that supports me is to choose peace.
I’m free to remember that my peace happens within me, and I expand it by looking out at the trees.
I know my peace – it happened when I walked into the house yesterday.
I am increasing my peacefulness and rippling it out into my world.
I am so grateful to Tina for sending the invitation below to me and to you, and I am so grateful to myself for developing more peace in my day today!

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