How are you navigating the ever-changing landscape?
Challenges staying present? Feelings of loneliness, frustration, worry?
Or are you loving the slower pace, the time to reflect, the quiet.
Perhaps all of the above, bouncing you around?
Yup – wherever you are at, its OK.
During February and March on Saturdays from 11:45am – 12:15pm, I am hosting a conversation with a member of our Practitioner Team who will share their insights, a re-patterning, and a great idea for Navigating the Now. Then we will open up the conversation for your questions, insights and best ideas for not only surviving, but thriving this winter!
Topics will range from parenting to working productively from home, from financial concerns to having fun, and from lack of direction to pivoting and finding purpose – AND whatever listeners bring forward!
Join us live by registering below – or catch the recording on our YouTube channel (click here)
You are always welcome to send questions to [email protected]
Together we are Navigating the Now!

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