I enjoy being present in whatever season I’m in and it’s one of the things I love most about being Canadian – especially Albertan! The seasons here are distinct, each with their own flavor, joy and gifts.
The gifts of spring are particularly vivid for me this year as we watch the beautiful unfolding of the backyard in our new home.
When we saw the house in November it was already brown and dry and dormant. By the time we moved in December the features of the yard were covered in snow.  We’d seen one picture of the backyard in the summer in the real estate listing but we had not witnessed it for ourselves.
As the snow disappeared we watched with wonder as the indistinguishable lumps reveled themselves as shrubs and rocks in our backyard waterfall. We listened with excitement as a huge flock of robins used our backyard spruce tree as a strategy base for deciding who was going to nest where. The days are growing longer and the sun grows stronger, and the late spring that is the hallmark of the high-altitude of this region is playing out.
Right now it appears as if there are only dry looking twigs on every bush and tree, but on closer examination, there are buds!
Even though the tiny tips of the buds are tight they hold promise. They hold hope. I know with every cell of my being they will burst into leaves and be lush and beautiful. Prying the buds won’t make it happen faster. Poking the trees in frustration won’t work. Patience and belief, the sunshine and the rain, and time. It’s a process.
When it feels like all hope is lost and everything appears dry and dead, imagine what is on the other side of the heaviness just like we imagined our garden beneath the snow. Know will every cell of your body that there are buds that will emerge as you warm yourself up, raising your vibe and training your own light onto your dreams and goals.  See your tears as the rain that nurtures the plants and allows the soil to become fertile again.
I forgive myself for believing that because things are dark and still at the moment there isn’t buds of hope
I give myself permission to find the small glimmers the little buds and focus on them
I can stay in the darkness or I can shine my light to bring forth abundance. I choose to shine my light.
I am free to shine my light today when I begin the project I’ve been thinking about.
I know how it feels to shine my light and watch things grow, it happened when I…
My light does transform hope into reality, that’s me!
I’m grateful for the gifts of each season in my life.
Each morning I wake to just a little bit more green in my back yard…and in my life. It is there, even if sometimes you have to really look for the evidence.
For me, spring is about the evidence of beginnings, the hope and the joy.
May your life reflect spring today!

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