I got a new chair!

This may not seem like that big a deal, but as I sit at my desk this morning feeling the support and comfort of my new chair I’m LOVING it! And, I’m reflecting on how many other things I’ve been putting up with for long enough.
You see I had a chair. I had the same office chair for more years than I can remember. It worked. I sat in it nearly every day. It was functional, BUT the height mechanism no longer worked properly – and hadn’t for a really long time. It continuously, slowly, and irritatingly sunk down until I would notice my chin was practically on the desk and I would pull the lever and lift it up again, repeating the process several times every hour. It was just what I did to make the chair work. It was a habit. The wheels kept getting stuck and that was a mild annoyance as I lifted the chair back into position. And there wasn’t much padding left! But it worked, sort of… and I kept using it…
Three weeks ago I ordered a new chair which arrived the next day – in a box.
And then the box sat there waiting for me to find the time to put the chair together.
Then I asked Phil if he could put the chair together for me as I went out the door to present an Inner Critic to Inner Coach evening.
As I was driving home, a text arrived from him “I have a surprise for you!”
I came home to a smiling partner and my new chair sitting at my desk waiting for me!
It feels amazing to sit in my new chair – I deserve it. I asked for what would support me– and it happened.
AND now I’m re-patterning so that next time I don’t put off what’s good for me for so long!
  • forgive myself for believing I need to put up with something that doesn’t support me.
  • I give myself permission to nurture myself, and ask for what I need.
  • I can put up with stuff”, or I can nurture myself – I can’t do both at the same time. I choose to nurture myself.
  • I’m free to nurture myself today by really enjoying my new chair ( feel free to put your own example here!)
  • I know what it feels like to nurture myself I did it this morning when I had my amazing smoothie. (feel free to put your own example here!)
  • I am nurturing myself more and more and that feels fabulous!
  • I’m grateful to myself for nurturing myself with my new chair and asking for what supports me!
Perhaps there’s something in your world that you been putting up with long enough. Go ahead. Nurture yourself. You deserve it!
All around me I see nature nurturing itself with new leaves, beautiful flowers and fresh growth.
The earth is nurturing itself.
Join me in creating a kinder planet by nurturing yourself and asking for support.

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