I’ve said and done some mean things in my life – we all have.

I feel badly, beat myself up, go over it again and again wishing I could turn back time and “take back” the hurtful words… wait – that’s what used to happen!

Now if that happens I recognize I am not being myself. I’ve learned to shorten the time I hang out in the regret, and use the slip-up to move myself to a higher vibration – one of forgiveness of myself. I’ve trained my mind to go to the positive opposite and begin defining myself in that higher vibration. I use the experience to learn and grow and move forward – and I’m getting better at it every time it happens.

  • forgive myself for believing that I have to beat myself up over what I said. I wish I could take it back, but I can’t.
  • I give myself permission to be kinder to myself – beating myself up doesn’t make it better.
  • choose to kind to myself by learning what I can from the situation.
  • I can beat myself up, or I can learn and move forward. I choose to learn and move forward.
  • I’m free to learn to be more in the positive vibration – it feels like me.
  • The kinder I am to myself, the easier it is to learn and move forward.
  • I use every situation as an opportunity to learn and move forward.

Here’s a hug,


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