When I’m trying to figure out how things work, I turn to nature…

Think of a potted plant that just isn’t doing as well as you would like it to. It’s not flowering, and the leaves are looking a little droopy. Digging up and examining the root system will not make the plant thrive – in fact the shock of having its roots exposed will case the plant to wither further.

Rather you might move it to a sunnier – or shadier – spot, give it some plant food and make certain it receives the right amount of water.

You might even talk encouragingly to it, or re pot it into a larger space so the roots can grown and expand and create a healthy plant.

Even if the roots are gnarled and in poor soil, caring attention will make the plant thrive…

The “roots” of your challenges may in fact be well beyond your reach. The soil you were “planted in” may not have been as rich and healthy as you needed. There is significant research showing that many of our beliefs, attitudes and perceptions are actually affected by our experiences before we are born, and some even are transmitted through our DNA. Before you throw up your hands and say “What’s the point?!”, remember the plant…

Whatever the root system of any of your life experiences, the equivalents to sunshine, water and good nutrition will support positive growth…and are within your reach. You can create the conditions for your own positive growth – despite your “roots”. Encouraging words and a change of environment will enhance that support allowing your life to grow and bloom in a new direction!

  • forgive myself for believing I need to get to the root of it.
  • I give myself permission to nurture myself and create new growth.
  • I can examine the roots, or I can support new growth – I choose to support new growth.
  • I am free to nurture myself with thoughts, actions and words that support new growth. 
  • Just like a plant, I thrive when I am in a supportive environment.
  • I am creating new growth by creating a supportive environment for myself – beginning with my own thoughts and inner conversations!
  • I’m grateful to myself for encouraging my growth!

It’s spring, let it grow!



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