Wish granted for many of us in North America this weekend.

I LOVE this weekend because every year I get an extra hour – and I have been having a LOT of fun imagining how I will receive this gift of extra time.

I know – people have told me that we are simply regaining the hour that was lost in the spring, but, with the exception of weight, I’m always thrilled to regain something that was previously lost. In my view, that makes the extra hour this weekend a gift!

Time is an interesting resource.

We all have it, and we all choose how to utilize our resource of time.

I can make it count – or I can squander it.

I choose.

And so do you.

Will you spend it? Invest It? Waste it?

Use it to complete something that’s been on your mind – or start something you’ve been meaning to get to?

How might you enrich your life in some way with this gift?

  • Connect with someone you love?
  • Luxuriate with a novel in bed? Watch an extra episode of your current NetFlix find?
  • Stare out a window, go for a walk, listen to an amazing piece of music?
  • Plan a holiday, bake some cookies, clean out your car, play with your dog?
  • ????

It is your resource, and your choice. Make a conscious one that makes a difference for YOU.

forgive myself for believing my time isn’t valuable.

I give myself permission to gift myself this extra hour with something enriches me.

It is my hour and I choose to invest it in ME!

will gift myself the extra hour this weekend to …

know how valuable an hour is, I really noticed it when … (you made a flight on time, your finished your exam, you first met your partner…)

I value myself and my time and I receive this hour gift with excitement!

I’m grateful for my time and my willingness to consciously decide how I invest it.

I am deliciously imagining the possibilities, and I’ll decide Saturday night just before I go to bed WITHOUT turning the clock back…

On Sunday morning, I’ll excitedly turn the clock back, and gift myself the hour!

What gift does your extra hour hold for you?



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