I don’t follow baseball – but awhile ago I was in Kansas City, Missouri, and wandered by the Kauffman Stadium. I found myself thinking back to all the games of pick up and scrub I played as a kid. At recess and after school I couldn’t wait to grab my miit, and get out on the diamond. I was excited and ready to play.

Are you bringing that kid kind of anticipation and fun to your life-game? If you aren’t seeming to get what you want it is NOT because you don’t deserve it. You deserve good things simply because you are alive. Try raising your vibration, and you’ll find your catcher’s mitt will be there!

  • forgive myself for believing I need to DO something in order to be worthy.
  • I give myself permission to know I am already worthy – simply because I am alive.
  • choose to claim my birthright of worth, put a smile on my face and a catcher’s mitt on my hand!
  • I’m free to receive the good that is available, just by raising my own vibration.
  • I remember that excited anticipation I felt when I was a kid.
  • I am worthy of increasing the good in my life.
  • am grateful to myself for raising my vibration and willingly receiving the good!

Learning to love, honour, respect and cherish ourselves is the best gift we bring to the world. As we “fall in love” with ourselves, we fall in love with life, and life reciprocates.

Here’s to catching the good that is already all around you…and claiming it. There is more than enough for everyone!



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