Are there are some things you wish you could “magic sprinkle dust” away? You know, the kinds of things that are taking up too much room in your thoughts, keeping you awake at night, causing stress and anxiety.

Belief Re-patterning isn’t magic, but it does create a new perspective allowing the spinning to settle, the chaos to calm, and the confusion to clear. How? By simply shifting our focus.

It isn’t about pretending the tough stuff away, or spiritually bypassing the problem. Re-patterning allows you to reset your mindset. It provides you with a fresh view and the ability to tap into your knowing, intuition and personal wisdom to find a way through whatever has been going on. And there is a LOT going on.

I love to use Daylight Savings as a reset time. Most of the Canadian provinces and many states in the US are “springing forward” this weekend, shifting time forward by an hour. Let’s use this collective forward momentum to shift the energy of our lives forward. Collectively we are skipping an hour of time to create longer evenings where we can relax and enjoy the sunshine. We aren’t really “saving” daylight, we are simply shifting the light to a time that creates more ease for more people, and less stress on some of our resources.

I’m choosing to shift my perspective and shine the light where it can bring more ease into my life. There is some dark and heavy energy in our world, and I’m not suggesting we can “disappear” it just with our thoughts, but we can redirect our energy into something more useful for all. Finding our light through compassion. Raising our vibration with gratitude. Creating ease with increased kindness and flow with greater understanding.

So just like we are “springing past” a whole hour, I’ll be springing past some of the things that don’t serve me. Judgement, anger, frustration, petty annoyance, fear – I’m placing these emotions in the hour that is disappearing. These emotions don’t define me, and they don’t make the world a better place, so I am leaving them in that hour. With the sweep of the hour hand on each of my analog clocks, and the push of the button on my digital clocks I consciously choose to transform my emotions through the quality of my thoughts.

And as the clock jumps into the next hour, I choose to increase my compassion, I magnify my gratitude, expand my kindness and multiply my flow. I may not exactly know how, but I’m wired to learn and grow – and I have done a ton of things in my life without knowing how.

I forgive myself for believing I need to hang on to Judgement, anger, frustration, petty annoyance or fear.

I give myself permission to increase my compassion, magnify my gratitude, expand my kindness and multiply my flow.

I choose to increase my light.

I am free to do that intentionally tonight as easily as the time shifts between 12:59 and 2am.

I know how to shift the clock, and I’m committed to shifting my perspective.

I am expanding my compassion, gratitude, kindness and flow. This supports me, my family and friends and ripples out to the world.

I am grateful for my focused intention to create a kinder and more positive world, beginning with myself.

on sets the path. Collectively we can shift the energy of our world. Each of us claiming our light makes the world brighter. I’m going to sleep tonight with clear and focused intention. Energetically I’ll be shining at 12:59 am Sunday morning, and I’ll be shining even more brightly at 2 am. Intentionally. Let’s do this.



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