Ten minutes.

That’s it. I know – you think that is my solution to everything…well, it pretty much is. Ten minutes of focused time, daily, on whatever you want to create in your world will bring about swift and permanent change. It doesn’t seem like much, but try it, now…you are worth it.

Set your timer for 10 minutes, and make a list of the areas of your home or work spaces that are zapping your energy, every time you walk by.

The files that need to be put in order, the blind that needs 5 minutes of attention, the overflowing laundry basket, the tangled cords under the desk, your email Inbox…

… you know – the small, annoying things that grab your attention every time you notice them. They are grabbing a lot more than your attention, so brain dump them onto a list, then put a 10 minute slot into your calendar every day this week.

Stop asking yourself :How am I going to do that?” or “When will I find the time?”.

Just make the list and focus on this question: “How will I feel when this is complete?” Peaceful? Accomplishing? Happy?

Then plug that word into these re-patterning statements and begin consciously creating a new reality for yourself!

  • choose to create ___________ in 10 minute focused timeslots this week.
  • I am free to experience ______________, and I consciously create it by _______
  • know how it feels to be __________, I experienced it just now when I look at my list and my plan.
  • am actively exploring creating ___________ in my home/workspace this week.
  • Good job ME!

I look forward to hearing what is manifesting for you! Pop your questions, comments or challenges onto the Belief Re-patterning Facebook page, and one of our community will respond!



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