Overwhelm. Exhaustion. Spinning. Hamster Wheel.

These are the most common feelings I am hearing from my clients and witnessing in my day to day encounters.

The world has sped up – and our pre-2020 ability to juggle and manage has been depleted.

The overwhelm is real. The exhaustion is warranted. The spinning is a reasonable reaction.

AND – You don’t have to be a spinning out, a victim to the changes and circumstances around you. You are not a hamster.

You are human and humans have the gift of choice.

Moment to moment it might not feel like you have a choice, but you always do.

You can respond instead of react.

You can choose to create calm instead of being swept away by the chaos.

You can take a deep breath and focus on how you want to feel.

Your Intention.

I’m quite sure hamsters don’t have these skills.

You do.

forgive myself for believing I have to stay in this overwhelm and exhaustion. I don’t like spinning.

I give myself permission to create calm – that is my intention. I don’t like reacting to the chaos.

choose to learn to set clear intention so I can respond with calm.

choose how I want to BE.

I am free to focus on my intention and find a simple way to create calm for myself today – regardless of what is happening around me.

I am free to set my daily intention of how I want to feel.

Today it is calm.

A place where I feel calm is …

A person I know who models calm is …

I am setting the intention to BEcome more calm, and I am grateful.

Join me for Setting Clear Intention. Complimentary. My gift to you.

In person in Calgary and Edmonton, or on-line wherever you are.

Invest an hour and create the practice.

You are not a Hamster.



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