Have you ever thought “This is as good as it gets”?

For the last couple of months I’ve been enjoying fresh mangos – daily. I thought it was as good as it got…until I saw a basket of these beauties at the market, and had real life proof of “Something EVEN Better!” A mango that feeds 4 -I wouldn’t have been able to imagine it, until I saw it.

A simple illustration of the power of holding the space for “Something EVEN Better”.

What are you experiencing that you’ve been thinking “This is as good as it gets”? think about that as you read through this simple re-patterning series!

I forgive myself for believing this is as good as it gets!

I am enjoying this, and I remain open to additional possibilities.

This is wonderful and I choose to be open to additional possibilities!

I am free to be open to possibilities as I enjoy what is present now.

I have experienced things getting EVEN better than I had imagined, it happened when…

I am open to possibilities.

I am grateful for what is happening now, and hold the space for expansion!

Whenever you are thinking “This is as good as it gets”, give gratitude – and then allow for the magic, the possibilities with “Something EVEN Better”.

Practice being appreciative of what IS, while being open for “Something EVEN Better”.

I’d love to hear about the magic you welcome in!

Belief Re-patterning works to help you out of tough times.

Something EVEN Better?

Use it to reinforce the good.

Remember the mango that satisfied four of us!



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