You know you “should” think positively – and it seems impossible when circumstances pile up, people around you are dumping in your direction or life in general knocks you over.

It seems impossible, because it is – unless you have trained yourself.

Humans are wired to go to the negative. All animals are. It is a survival mechanism. We are wired to stay alive, so any change to our environment whether large or small, kick into gear our survival instincts.

Think of any animal – a cat, a horse, a mouse – they all approach new situations with a tentative nature. They call all their senses into play – looking around, sniffing the air, pricking their ears up, stepping forward cautiously, their heart rate increases allowing them to move quickly if needed. They stay on high alert until they are sure the new situation is safe.and then they relax.

We are animals, and it is the same for us – whenever there is a change in our environment or situation we go into fight, flight and fear. The difference between animals and humans is that we often forget to check in to see if we are safe. We don’t relax. We stay in fight, flight, fear. When we are in this heightened state it is challenging to remember to look on the bright side. In fact, it is nearly impossible. The energy is strong, and often our imagination moves us to the “what if…” places of worry, doubt and anxiety. Your instinctual will to live has kicked in. Every bit of your bandwidth is focused on surviving. Fight, flight, fear. We forget to check in to see if what is happening is really life threatening. We create more frustration, anxiety, unease – and we don’t have ready access to our creativity, our intuition, our good ideas. Unable to think straight yet most people make decisions, both small and lifechanging, from this deficit place.

Which is why you want to train yourself to transform this strong survival energy into learning – so you are able to create what you truly want – from what I call the “up-side” of the line. The place where you can easily access your intuition, your creativity, your wisdom and your knowledge.

I forgive myself for believing I need to stay in that fight, flight, fear reactive place.

I give myself permission to transform that energy into learning.

I chose to learn and move forward from whatever changes happen.

I am free to learn and move forward today when I…

I know what it feels like to overcome that fight, flight, fear place – I learned and moved forward when I …

I am transforming reactive energy into proactive learning energy.

I am grateful for training myself to do this as my normal way of BEing.

You are wired to reactively survive – which is good.

You are also wired to proactively learn, which is something even better.

Create the habit of transforming the energy when your survival buttons are pushed.

Use this energy to move forward. Learn. Re-pattern.



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