If I had to choose a very favourite weekend of the whole year this weekend would be it! It’s better than any of the long weekends in my mind. And it’s not because it’s Halloween weekend. And it’s not because I have any special event planned.

It’s my favourite weekend because it is the answer to a wish I wish often, and maybe you’ve had this same wish, “I wish I had more time”.

Many places are turning back the clocks this weekend, returning to Standard Time from Daylight Savings Time. (If you are in the Southern Hemisphere, check out the ps at the bottom for my suggestion for my second favorite weekend of the year! If there is no Daylight Savings time where you live, check out the pps)

Turning back the clocks from Daylight Time to Standard Time means this weekend has a whole extra hour! My wish has been granted! I have more time! YES! THAT’S why this is my favourite weekend!

Now that I have this extra hour, what will I do with it?

I might use it to catch up on my sleep.

I could use it to phone a dear friend and have a long conversation over a cup of tea.

I can choose to clean out a closet, or catch up on my email, or treat myself to an extra hour of writing time. I could sit in my favourite chair and read a book, go play with the grandkids, create an interesting meal in the kitchen, take myself for an extra long walk. I could give the bathroom a super deep cleaning, switch out my summer for winter wardrobe, or sit and stare out the window.

It’s my choice.

And, how you use YOUR extra hour is your choice.

I could carry on like it’s any other day and only notice that just gets darker an hour earlier on Sunday, but that would be a waste of this gift. I don’t want to take it for granted  that’s not like me. I do want to acknowledge this gift of an extra hour – THAT’S like ME!

forgive myself for believing I would ever waste the gift of an extra hour.

I give myself permission to support myself with this extra hour. That’s what I want!

I can ignore the extra hour or I can consciously support myself with it – I choose to have this gift of an hour support me  that makes sense!

I am free to support myself with this extra hour by turning back the clock, and then writing for a whole hour (insert your own best idea that will really support YOU!)

know what it’s like to support myself with an hour of time – I did this last week when I gifted myself an hour to relax and read my book. (insert your own memory of supporting yourself with an hour to do what you really wanted!)

am supporting myself with this extra hour this weekend and that feels motivating and freeing! (insert how it feels for you)

I am grateful for my favourite weekend, and my decision to support myself by making this extra hour be MY extra hour!

I’m an awesome manifestor! I have been wishing for more time and this weekend I’ve got it – how about you? I’d love to hear how you are supporting yourself for a whole hour this weekend!



PS: BONUS for those in the Southern Hemisphere: My 2nd favourite weekend of the year is when the clocks go forward. Try this one on…

What is something in your life that you would love to simply “disappear”. Poof – have it be gone? Imagine putting it in a great big garbage bag. Use your imagination – the bag can be as big as you need it to be. Now imagine yourself taking the bag out to the curb. See the garbage truck coming up your street, hear the start and stop of the engine as it picks up your neighbour’s garbage. Feel the excitement as the truck approaches your bag. Now, turn away and walk over to your clock, move the hour forward. Poof. Turn back and imagine the garbage truck again. While your back was turned It has collected your bag! You see the truck’s tail lights as it moves down your street and away from you, getting quieter and quieter. It turns the corner, disappearing that garbage quickly and effectively!

I LOVE disappearing the garbage into the hour that vanishes!

PPS: OK – So there is no Daylight Savings time where you live. News Flash. You can pick ANY hour as a gift to support yourself, and ANY hour to disappear the garbage. If you need help, call a Belief Re-patterning Practitioner!

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